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Dumb and boring

This game is dumb and has horrible controls,played it once and didnt like it. Has no point , dont waste time with this

Save Kitty Tanks

An absolutely mindless game that never gets any better. Saw blades? Kittens? Ill never get back the 20 seconds of my life wasted on this game. Dont waste yours.


This is so fun high score so far 48.9


This brutal, haha, hilarious, for the complainers- try to save the cat, not watch it die and wine about it. Thanks for the laughs


What was that? Its sick, discusting, gross trash! Everyone wants to see a cat getting sawed apart. Sarcastic. Who ever made that needs to get a heart, a life, and a brain.

Fun but...

Your index finger hides most of the cat when you try to move it so you dont really see if hes hit or not... Suggestion: make the cat controllable from anywhere on the screen, also please add option to disable entering high scores, cause thats really annoying. Cheers!


This is the worst game I have ever played, dont bother getting it

Settle down

Look people you know that there is going to be a cat getting ripped apart lol, so then why do you download it? And remember, its just a game ....


Awesome game!would be better if u had the option to move the cat with a little joystick in the bottom of the screen or something.


Omg this game was so much fun, and for all of the people who are complaining about the kitty, shut up, honestly, get a sense of humour

High score



Its very addicting and fun!! My record is almost 32 seconds!! Btw people, I have pet cats, and I dont find this game really offensive!! Ok so just stop complaining about cartoon cats rights and so on!!!!

LOL dont buy

its a great game when i got it for free yesterday but not qorth paying for


dull but its fun and could get a bit adictive


210.8 highscore. I swear!

great game but should be kept free

the more you play the better you get at the game my high score is now 54.0 and my lowest high score is 46.7 beat that!!


Cool game but should be kept free and there should not be as much blood!!


This game is hilarious! It made my girlfriend scream LOL.


I like games where you have to dodge stuff (its just so fun), so i really like the gameplay in "Save Kitty". One problem though the fact that i love cats (and dogs for that matter) and that makes me a bit sick. Im only giving you a 3 because I am never going to start this app again, even though the kitty you have to save is really CUTE!!! P.S. Try replacing the cat with a rat. I hate rats :P


I really like this game, although I completey agree with the persons review below me

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